UBA Business Direct

UBA Business Direct is the online portal for cash management and transaction banking.

The Global Online Solution That Keeps You In control Of Your Business.

It offers a convenient and flexible way to manage corporate cash management and other transactions to cover all corporate banking needs.

UBA Business Direct

UBA Business Direct is the online portal for cash management and transaction banking. It offers a convenient and flexible way to manage corporate cash management and other transactions to cover all corporate banking needs

UBA has the right solution to help your organization reduce payment costs, enhance control and streamline your entire payment processing function. Whether you are making payments locally or internationally or you simply need to transfer funds between accounts. Choose the payment options that best fit your company’s needs.

This solution offers all the payments services aimed at automating account payables and thereby reducing the overall processing costs, saving time and money. The solution covers a full range of payment capabilities for both global and domestic payments as well as single and multiple payments by debiting source account with the bank and crediting any account in or outside the country. The specific services are:

  • Intention-based Payments – Vendor, Salaries, Pensions, Taxes, e-Dividend, Scholarships/ Bursaries, Grants, Utilities, etc
  • Local bank transfers – RTGS
  • Book transfers (Internal Fund Transfers)
  • Payments to:
    • Bank accounts
    • Prepaid cards
    • Mobiles
  • Spending limit management
  • Customer ERP Integration for straight through payments
  • Payments encryption
  • International (SWIFT) transfers/payments

UBA client service representatives have in-depth experience in many different industries so they can tailor a payment solution to fit your organization’s unique routine and ad hoc payments requirements.

Our solution offers extensive receivables management leveraging our spread in Africa, UK, New York and the most extensive branch network in Nigeria. With the solution, Customers increase efficiency and minimizes the collections time ensuring better liquidity. In addition, interest costs will be saved with optimal utilization of funds engendered by enhanced liquidity through efficient and shorter collections time. We offer collections through multi-channel and multi-instruments which include:

  • Cash collections
  • Cheque collections
  • PoS collections
  • Web collections
  • Direct debit mandates

Direct debit service is immediate value for own customer or T+x for interbank depending on each country clearing rules. Customers can view collections in real-time through the portal; whether payments are collected from UBA or from other banks.

Our product group helps you design optimum solutions to speed up receivables processing, reduce financial exposure, lower borrowing costs and maximize cash flow

This solution offers visibility on account balances and transactions on accounts in UBA irrespective of country, and also balances and transactions in customer accounts in other banks in any bank in the world.

The solution aggregates these balances and gives customers a view of their consolidated balances in chosen accounts worldwide. The consolidated balances and transactions are refreshed at customer defined intervals. The specific services are:

  • Intraday balances
  • Intraday transactions
  • End of day balances
  • End of day transaction
  • Real-time interbank balance view (Nigerian accounts only)

This solution provides multi-source cash inflow/outflow information in a single window and has tools for forecasting and analysis to plan for effective fund utilization and profit maximization. Corporate Treasurers will use this centrally available information to predict the matching of inflow against outflow and what the funding gaps need to be covered. The specific services include:

  • Forecast Views
    • By Account
    • By Currency

This solution offers a wide range of liquidity management tools to the corporate customers to manage cash-flows, credit facilities and working capital across accounts, banks and geographies. Corporate can combine balances and consider for interest application. The specific services include:

  • Cash Sweeping within accounts in the bank
  • Liquidity Transfers
  • 3rd Party Bank Sweeping
  • Notional pooling (only within the bank)
  • Netting

This solution offers investment management and FX management services to the corporate customers. Customers are able to generate and track investments and fx trades. The specific services include:

  • FX trade initiation
  • FX monitoring
  • Investment initiation
  • Investment positions monitoring
  • Alerting services

This solution offers end-to-end working capital management and financing for corporate customers. Corporate customers can track, monitor and manage their financial supply chain with their clients and trading partners. The specific services include:

  • Distributor Finance
  • Supplier Finance
  • Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment
  • Purchase order management
  • E-Procurement
  • Payment guarantees

This solution allows corporate customers to generate and track trade transactions over the web. Customers are able to initiate request for issuance and amendment of various trade documents including import and export LCs. The specific services include

  • LC initiation and tracking
  • Guarantees
  • Documentary collections
  • Financing
  • Alerting services

Corporate Mobile App provides corporate customers access to a cash management interface, allowing for a wide range of mobile banking services, including notifications and announcements, up-to-the minute balance information, statement activity reporting and approvals for domestic and international payments and rate information to users and busy executive on-the-go. It also allows users to view their collections from the app. The specific services include:

  • Balance information
  • Transaction activity reporting
  • Account monitoring
  • Payment approvals
  • Interest rates information
  • Collections monitoring



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