Diaspora Banking

Diaspora Banking encompasses a portfolio of products and services specially designed for Non Resident Liberians.

Opening a UBA Diaspora Account abroad is very easy

Diaspora Banking is a unique banking service designed to meet the banking needs of Liberians living abroad


Diaspora Savings Account

We have unique savings accounts for the diaspora, i.e., Liberians living abroad.

  • International passport
  • Resident permit/work permit
  • One passport photograph
  • Utility bill (not exceeding 3 months old)/previous 6 months bank statement)
  • Proof of source of funds (recent pay slip/work ID/letter of reference from
    current bankers/business registration documents if self-employed)
  • Attestation of all required documents by notary public, embassy of home
    country, UBA staff or customer’s bank
  • Duly signed indemnity form for electronic communication

Diaspora Current Account

Take the first step towards managing your money better.
There is a UBA Savings account suitable for everyone.

  • Completed Account Opening Form
  • International passport with valid visa/resident permit/work permit
  • Passport photograph
  • Utility bill (not exceeding 3 months old)
  • Proof of source of funds (recent pay slip, work ID, letter of reference from current bankers or business registration documents, if self-employed)
  • 2 current account references
  • Individuals in private business
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Individuals in paid employment